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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Amalgamation of Penyffordd Junior Schools

Alternative Title. 
Penyffordd Community Council kept in the dark over changes to education in Penyffordd.

Comments are open for anyone who wishes to have a say on this matter.


  1. From Wikipedia

    Ultra vires is a Latin phrase meaning literally "beyond the powers", although its standard legal translation and substitute is "beyond power". If an act requires legal authority and it is done with such authority, it is characterised in law as intra vires (literally "within the powers"; standard legal translation and substitute, "within power"). If it is done without such authority, it is ultra vires. Acts that are intra vires may equivalently be termed "valid" and those that are ultra vires "invalid".

  2. The community council are playing games here. The invite to the community council to nominate a member to sit on the amalgamating body was given in time but the clerk to the council refused to place it on the suspects that this is a game due to the fact that the chair of the community council has recently had his nose put out of joint - being replaced as chair of the junior school board of governors by...Mrs Sara Jones!!!

    Who by the way was authorised by the County Council to send the invite to the community council by their amalgamating officer - perfectly legal and above board...much to the annoyance of the community council. There refusal to take part therefore cost them a place on the amalgamating board and therefore any say in the appointment in the new headteacher - talk about cutting off your nose....but then what do we expect from such a petty minded bunch of numpties

  3. I See the chair of the community council trying to get his own back after being ousted from the chairmanship of the junior school governing body....don't like democracy councillor Jones?

  4. Hi Colin

    thanks for posting these minutes on line...much better than the supposed community council web-site that can't!

    Also...good to see our local councillors up to speed with events and representing the community - not!

    1. Glad to be of service. Cllrs need to realise that with the internet they are now open to the full scrutiny of residents. That any trickery real or imagined will be pounced upon. The old days are gone.
      Education is a big issue for many in Penyffordd District. I hope the best way forward is found for parents and children.

  5. ....and to think that we all thought they were small minded and vindictive!


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