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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Traffic Calming Comments

There have been a few comments with regards traffic calming in the village.

The comments are anonymous.
The calming has been described as useless.

Your arguments may carry a bit more weight if you :-

a. Say who you are. ( back it up with a proper address or email )
b. Say where you live.  ie Penyffordd
c. Say whether you live on a main road or in a cul de sac.

 I think the majority of traffic has had to slow down. This in the main lessens traffic noise and improves safety for children, horses, OAP's and residents in Chester Rd.

There are of course the exceptions.

The next step in my opinion is to ban lorries. We have a bypass after all.
Penyffordd Cllrs in my opinion are to be applauded for taking difficult decisions.

Penyffordd does not have to be a race track or short cut.

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