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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Energy Blues and a rant

So let me get this straight.

We are closing all our coal fired electricity generating stations due to the global warming scam.
We have lots of coal under UK.
China have opened 400 new ones!
And we are closing all our steel making facilities

We are relying on President Putin for our gas fired electricity generating stations.
I think as of today Russia was turning off the gas tap to Ukraine because they haven't paid the gas bill.

We are closing down Wylfa Nuclear on Anglesey. The new one won't be on stream for 10 years.

The National Grid are talking about not having enough electricity in the system this winter, cue black outs.

We have our D - heads in Parliament arguing the to*ss over illegally bombing Syria killing innocent people.
Syria has not asked for our help. Assad got more votes in Syria than Cameron at the last elections here.
I see Syria, Iraq and Libya have all asked for Russian help

You do wonder whether we should be paying them ( our MP's) in peanuts.

I see Mark Tami our MP is not moved by our Prime Minister's arguments, good for him.
The 75000 soldiers on the ground fighting Assad and Isi*l some sort of myth in my opinion.

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