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Friday, December 25, 2015

A Merry Christmas to All

So ! What to do.

No relatives to visit. I used to get dragged around to relative's houses by the previous model.
Hope she doesn't read here.
A look around our locale shows plenty of visiting going on.

A walk around the woods with the dogs in the rain and a quiet Christmas lunch.
It's the only day in the year I might consider a glass of wine during the day.


Decided to forgo the wine.....
Apparently Millstone Xmas lunch is £65 a go.

Here's Penymynydd Rd's
With Xmas pud to follow.
I'm advised Irish coffee is on the menu when
everything has digested.....

Clockwise, turkey, red cabbage, glazed carrots, roast potato, sprouts and sweet chestnuts, parsnips in maple syrup.

The sprouts go down well with plenty of cranberry jelly.

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