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Thursday, December 19, 2013

What has Penyffordd gained?

Following on from the person commenting about fracking. It gets me to thinking.

Various individuals have gained greatly from developments within the village. We have Wellhouse, White Lion, Coed y Graig, Turkey Farm Phase 1 and 2 (Wimpey).

These areas have only been allowed to be developed because we live here, that's us residents of Penyffordd district.

What have we gained?

106 agreements to allow for education by ratepayers on the new housing I think are pants.
They will be paying rates for education anyway, they are a con.

So what have we really gained?

Do we have a right to gain anything?

I'll start it off in comments.


  1. I seem to remember a junior football pitch that couldn't be used as sheep gazed on the field. Health and safety sheep muck diseases.
    I think the field currently a Wimpey building site.

  2. Some kind person donated the PACA allotments (next to the Millstone) ground to the village . Is that one of the above former land owners?


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