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Friday, December 06, 2013

The Lowlands

have been having a bad time.

The attractions of Penyffordd were that it was a small Welsh village, it was well up above sea level and the mother in law could not get here on the bus!

When I were a lad in Scroft in 62 I had to wear my wellies to walk up the street. This of course was due to global warming.

When they canalised the River Dee they made it so water could not reach Sandycroft. Perhaps some one had left the water defenses up so that the river flowed back up the ditch.

I also walked on the River Dee in 1962. This not through Sainthood but due to the fact that the ice was a foot thick. I'm named after my dad's brother who drowned in Chester Canal in the blackout during the war.

The gateman at Graessers was under instruction to ring dad if I was seen heading towards the river.
The ditch that ran parallel to the road a perfect hidden route.

The threat of corporal punishment could not cancel the lure of the river.
It was also possible due to sandbanks to wade the river to the other side at Sealand.

Been there, got the tee shirt, the folly of youth.

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