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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Magic Car

Cars used to be quite straight forward. Faults reasonably easy to diagnose. Computers under the bonnet and  in the passenger space have changed all this.

Even main dealers get perplexed charging you an arm and a leg whilst not fixing faults.

I used to be able to turn and remove the ignition key whilst the engine continued running. To stop the car I had to open the nearside passenger rear door.

This has now stopped.

Today the car decided not to start at the petrol pumps. This happened after turning off engine to wait 5 minutes for the car in front.

Many thanks to the young man who offered to help me push car ( people carrier ) off court

It appears that turning the engine off without getting out the car causes the immobiliser to reset to on.

Googling Sharan and immobiliser issues shows many a nightmare.

You might also wonder how I found the faults causing the above. So do I !

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