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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Boys from the Black Stuff get stuck in

Traffic Calming for beginners

Off we go ! It's just gone 8.30 am.
The tee junction platform laid down inside four hours.
Penymynydd Rd shut. Chester Rd on single lane traffic light.
This team know how to do their stuff.
The old man on the machine a master of this black art.
Poetry in motion.

Final main section being laid.
Cllr Bithell's favourite company involved.
I once put to a previous head of Hanson Cement that
 traffic calming made with Hanson Cement
would be a good marketing strategy. Nearly got it any way.

A skim to finish off tomorrow.

Digging out water manholes.
Bolting down entrance ramps to platform.
Not severe enough for my liking.
Some cars just about ignoring them.

We shall see when all is finished.


  1. will they fill those pot holes 30 yds further down the road near the Millstone whilst they're at it?

  2. There has been a half hearted attempt by someone to repair what you mention. Looks like it will last 10 minutes.

  3. Can anyone provide me with the original details of the speed bumps on vounog hill,as i thought they were going accross the road the same as outside of the scout hut and not just turtles backs which everyone swerves to tackle


  4. The plans at one time were in the Post Office, they might still be. Cllrs Cindy Hinds or David Williams will have the original details.


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