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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chester Rd Traffic Calming News

The contract firm are outside with plans. Kerb stone altering to start shortly. ( I asked )

Cllr David Williams sent me an email last week about the new Penyffordd Community website which I duly advertised on here and will put up a permanent banner shortly.

I in return asked David when Chester Rd traffic calming was starting.

As half  expected no reply.

Your behaviour David unacceptable as a village representative.
You may think you are being smart and clever but people with any intelligence see right  through you.

As a school teacher you have to deal with children but fail to
separate your actions and thinking when dealing with adults.

You lost a lot of votes last election. Some of which may be put down to electorate sentiment.
Many voters however saw your short comings.

Time to up your game and behave in a proper manner as a representative of  Penyffordd?

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  1. Further. Surprisingly traffic calming wok for Chester Rd has started today.
    With regards communication by elected representatives with residents. If I send an email I expect a reply. Cllrs Linda Vidamour and Cindy Hinds respond promptly to emails. David thinks it some what below him. All other councillors hide their email addresses.


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