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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Your chance to have a say in the future of Penyffordd, Penymynydd, Dobshill

Below is a link to a questionnaire asking you ( a resident of Penyffordd ward ) to have your say on the future of our community. As far as I am aware its open to all family members.

For efficiency purposes its best if the online questionnaire is used. You will however be receiving a copy of the questionnaire through your letter box in the next week.

Excerpts below.

What is the Questionnaire  for?

This questionnaire has been prepared by volunteers from the village together with the Community Council. Everyone in the village needs to speak up to help to influence how the village will change over the next 15 years.

The worst case scenario could see over 750 extra houses in the village by 2030.
Flintshire County Council are preparing a Local Development Plan (LDP) which defines how the towns and villages in the County will grow between now and 2030. It will decide:

- how many houses are needed in the County
- how those houses will be distributed around the towns and villages across the County
- which plots of land will be available for building in each settlement
- policies which will instruct planners and developers in the way developments are built
As part of the process Flintshire C.C. are consulting with people to get their opinions about the proposals. We will let you know when each of these consultations are ready to be answered.
At the same time as Flintshire’s LDP, we are preparing a Community Development Plan (CDP) which
contains details of how our villagers want Penyffordd/Penymynydd/Dobshill to look in 2030. This CDP
will tell planners, developers and other stakeholders what is important to our community.

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