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Friday, November 18, 2016

Flintshire not getting its proper share of Welsh funding

Interesting session on the continuous austerity faced by Flintshire County Council at Broughton library this evening. Despite being the 6th/22 largest county in Wales, Flintshire is 19th in reciept of funding capita per head of population. Newport for example is similar to Flintshire in terms of population but last year received £29million more pounds in funding. Furthermore, we pay more business rates and tax as a county and get nowhere near as much money as this back.
After cutting back as much as it can (e.g. reducing senior management posts and support by nearly 50%, middle management posts by around 25% and admin/clerical staff by 40%, sharing buildings and services with other authorities), the council is currently making a case to have its funding increased in the coming year.

postscript: In the comments below in reply to Cllr David Walker's comments I mention the North / South Wales divide.
This is what Google tells me:-


  1. Someone put the following comment on which for some reason is not showing. Here it is "Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Flintshire not getting its proper share of Welsh f...":

    With all the new houses being built and therefore much more council tax being collected why all the cuts? Where is this money going? "

  2. Good question. I presume WAG have less money to give out as Westminister is giving out less.

  3. Colin this seems to have slipped your attention but it is very important to all the local organizations in the village.
    Flintshire County Council have scrapped the Zero Discretionary rate relief from April all organizations
    will have to pay 20%. When asked the question as to what saving this would make to the county council the reply I got was £80,000 which is peanuts compared to the County Council Budget. I made the point that I am sure the 80,000 could have been found else where in the Budget. The amount of money that was wasted on Community Asset Transfer which is in the process of being scrapped quickly springs to mind.

    1. Many thanks for the information. As you say "peanuts". I think all areas are being looked at to trim spending.

  4. With regard to comment regarding the Austerity Cuts in Flintshire. You are right how an earth W.A.G. can justify a system that allows Newport to receive 29Million and even Denbighshire get a bigger allocation than Flintshire is beyond me. In fairness to The Leader of the Council he has presented a very strong case to the W.A.G. which has resulted in Flinshire getting a bigger % but no were near as much as the money given to Newport.

    1. One could say the difference in money given to Flintshire and Newport by Welsh Assembly Government proof of the North / South divide. ie. South Wales always receive the lion's share. Mid and North Wales the crumbs.


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