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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Further Comment on 190 extra houses - brought to the top

Anon says " Following the 'Brexit' debacle - construction is exactly what the country needs to boost it's economy. Providing that the council work to get what they need from the 106 agreements and any further cash they can get to help local amenities then I don't see why halting the build of 190 new homes is a problem."
This is my 2 penny worth, may sound a bit of rant in parts but I'm pretty cool about it.

You say " Brexit debacle" and "190 houses not a problem"

Lets take the "190 houses not a problem" first.

1. I want to live in a village not an urban sprawl.
2. I want to live in a village with little traffic.
3. I want to live in a village where I can call my doctor and get an appointment next
day and not have to wait 90 minutes in the waiting room.
4. Current villagers with young children want to know that their child will go to Castell Alun and not have to compete for entry with an extra 190 new households on top of the expanding new residents from existing recent developments. Last time I looked Castell Alun was "full up".
5. I don't want to be standing in a queue every day when I go to the Post Office.
6. I don't want to be sitting in queues to get out of the village, bypass or Chester Rd
7. Well House estate don't want 190 new houses.
8. More ASBO which cannot be dealt with properly by an overstretched North Wales Police.

More people mean more crime and anti social behavior
Local residents children will not be able to buy any of these houses.

"Brexit Debacle"
I presume you are one of those that think we are foolish
17 million people nationally, 49,000 in Flintshire who voted to leave the EU.
I was one of the 49,000.

This despite "advice" from President Obama, David Cameron, Mark Tami MP, George Osborne, lefty celebs, Universities, large business, the EU, BBC, local largest employer Airbus, Uncle Tom Cobley and all that remain was the only option.

My dad fought in World War 2 against a dictatorship, I voted against the EU because it is basically a dictatorship.

We've sacked David Cameron, George Osborne and the EU.
I'd like to sack the BBC, stop paying the License Fee.

I've stopped taking The Daily Post and The Flintshire Chronicle over their tardiness with the result
When's the next General Election....................

1 comment:

  1. Penyffordd Against Redrow is holding another meeting about the proposed housing development on Chester Road.
    The meeting will take place on Monday 1st August 2016 at 8pm in the Legion in Penyffordd.


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