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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

190 more houses - A Point of View

A comment brought to the top.

"I think Penyffordd & Penymynydd is stretched for amenities as is - but this future development is a positive thing - as it will push the need over the edge to therefore bring better services.

In such a green and pleasant village - won't 190 new houses be a good thing? In general the purchase pool is MBNA and British Aerospace, both of which represents higher earning, respectable members of the community.

walking round older areas of Penymnynydd around Penymynydd road some of the houses are tired, badly looked after and the low cost of these houses has the potential to attract society members with lower standards.

Personally I feel the development won't inherently change the feel of anything, is situated on a parcel of land that at the moment no one can see anyway, so therefore isn't spoiling any vistas etc, and would bring much needed wealth into the area."


  1. As far as I see it...
    The drains are struggling to cope - Chester Rd and Hawarden Rd are often swimming in water and/or sewerage.
    The schools seem to be overflowing. Apparently a new infant/junior school is going to be built in the next few years. However, if more large developments are pushed through, I doubt the new school will be big enough to cater to all the children in the village and we'll still have the same problems. Also, there's no high school in the village and I believe the local high schools are struggling to cope.
    The public transportation service isn't ideal and the proposed changes to the service are probably going to make it worse.
    Penyffordd has no health centre and you can't get an appointment at the local doctors' surgeries without waiting weeks (despite the new surgeries at Buckley and Hope).
    The village Spar is small and the Post Office is closing (as far as I know).
    The village is losing its green spaces little by little. The land off Chester Road is home to owls, bats, birds, etc, a great many of whom may lose their habitats when most of the hedges and some of the trees get removed.
    I could go on and on...
    Let's ask ourselves the following questions:
    Would the new development bring in enough cash to improve all of the facilities fast?
    Can money solve all of the problems the village is facing?
    Have the housing developments that have been built in the village in the last few years resulted in an improvement in facilities or have facilities got worse?
    Would "wealthy" people want to come and live in a village that seems to be going downhill fast?

    1. Well said, my thoughts entirely.

  2. Sorry !! the development WILL be seen by plenty of residents living on Well House Drive and the 6 Cul-de-sacs off it. It runs along the hedging, and will be higher than them, so I fail to see how they can miss it,....

  3. Following the 'Brexit' debacle - construction is exactly what the country needs to boost it's economy. Providing that the council work to get what they need from the 106 agreements and any further cash they can get to help local amenities then I don't see why halting the build of 190 new homes is a problem.



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