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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Penyffordd Health - Vaccines

Vaccines are safe, everyone has them don't they?

I think Dr Wakefield over MMR had a point or two.

In USA compensation of over $3 billion has been handed out to damaged individuals with regards vaccines.

I've had my last set of vaccines this year, no more ever, I refused the flu vaccine. My last vaccine had aluminium hydroxide in it.

What they don't mention below is that vaccines are cultured in animal bits.

Here's some more

In good old USA they are talking of compulsory vaccination.

At the end its your choice. The authorities are not keen on you having too much information

Here's a bit more about HPV vaccine in Japan. For balance the opposite point of view.

Some don't like him though

1 comment:

  1. An ex village resident29 Jan 2016, 20:07:00

    Andrew Wakefield had so many points that he now makes his living on specially organised cruise ship cruises for cranks...

    I think I'll stick with more mainstream opinion rather than the struck off Mr Wakefield.


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