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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Natural History Quiz

When walking the dogs we came across the above lying on the grass. The grass is in a part time running stream from a bog full of reeds. It's on the edge of Llandegla Moors. It only appears in Winter. I think its a fungus of some sort. The example photographed is about 6 inches long. I haven't touched it but it looks jelly like, partially translucent.

Answer when I find it in comments.

That took some finding. Could be this.

postscript: It looks more like snow fungus.
Steve's photo gives better perspective. I didn't fancy getting hold of it until
I knew what it was.

and there's more

Don't fancy the drink they make with it.......................

Of course they eat it in in Japan and China

Comes in vitamin format

Finally decided its Star Jelly

1 comment:

  1. Its called Star Jelly apparently it falls from the skies.


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