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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Les Hewitt picks a winner

I have an interest in sheep. They're everywhere we walk the dogs. Much safer than cows, bulls or horses. Although an adult sheep will stand its ground, specially the males.

Where we walk the dogs you can see all the ewe's have been mated they have red dye on their backs.

The male has a harness with a dye patch which rubs up against the ewe's rear quarters when mating is attempted. A ram can go through 200 ewes of an evening.

Some farmers change the colour on a weekly basis. What a farmer does not want is unofficial mating by males that have broken through fencing to mate with the flock. The last thing you want is lambs turning up un-announced by dads who are non pedigree.

We don't go near cows, bulls and horses with the dogs. Too many people get hurt or killed.

The general advice with regards bulls and dogs is to let the dog off the lead if issues present themselves, this was repeated by a farmer's wife to us last week.

Which we consider insanity. Our dogs are not called bull terriers for nothing. One of our dogs is more likely to get kicked in the head by a heffer. He would love to chase, would he love.

Meanwhile back to the sheep.....................

Beltex are big and ugly. They have double muscles.

Local Les Hewitt knows his Beltex.

Apparently he was judging and buying.........

At the end of the day its genetics which are the major factor with regards the food on your plate.

Best buy Welsh lamb.

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