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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Recent House Sales

27 Hawarden Road £320,000
Penymynydd, CH4 0JD 13th October 2014

44 Coed Y Graig £195,000
Penymynydd, CH4 0XD 5th December 2014

Old Horse & Jockey Hawarden Road £210,000
Penymynydd, CH4 0NA 4th December 2014

12 Melwood Close £128,000
Penyffordd, CH4 0NB 7th November 2014

You can search all these sales totally free of charge by going to


  1. Are you comfortable publishing what is essentially private information for all to see?

    I know it is available from the land registry site - but to publish it on such a forum as this is a little intrusive.

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment. You raise a point. People want to know what houses go for so they have an idea what their own property would fetch. Also people wishing to move to the area will want to know what the going rates are for houses in certain areas. House sale prices are now public domain as is land and a miriad of other commodities. This is what the internet brings whether you or I like it or not.


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