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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tom not happy at being side lined

At 86 years old Tom its time you packed up.

Penyffordd residents are telling you so. Can you not see this?

Cllr Colin Bithell and other cllrs see sense on the issue.

The nuts and bolts (detail) are in The Leader.

I should point out that Cllr Tom Jones OBE ( aged 86 and half ) was head school governor at Penyffordd Junior School before the amalgamation was announced.

Last time I looked Tom was also a governor at Castell Alun at Hope our school for over 11's


  1. I see The Leader has got comments closed on this story. A lot of local people have strong opinions on this issue which has been rumbling on for months.

  2. The only community Tom now represents is the community of one. The council don't agree with him, the parents don't and neither do the governing bodies of both schools - who are you representing Tom?

    well don to Colin Bithell for finally standing up to him

  3. very sad to see an old man so out of touch....time to shut up Tom

  4. He's so out of touch...which is why the governing body of junior school ditched him as chair. The amalgamation is logical....the head of infants is retiring...not being replaced to facilitate the amalgamation. the new school will be 8 classes....I repeat 8 classes. The size of a small department in a secondary school...get a grip head and two deputies...and all the dedicated staff at both will they cope!!!

  5. It's worse than the comments above actually...he's actually misrepresenting the community...the comments in the leader from him are not accurate. Parents were notified as soon as the headteachers decision to retire triggered the amalgamation. It's tom playing games here and dressing it up as community concern


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