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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Betty Blanket

I buy and sell books and today came across a book about Caergwrle by John Trematick. John dedicates a whole page to one of Penyffordd's characters. We knew her as Betty Blanket as she would walk around the village draped in a blanket. Betty slept rough. She rubbed coal dust over her face. I once asked Lisa to make her some soup. Betty told her to F off !
I'm not exactly sure of the rules but I am told that as long as Betty did't take food off people the authorities could not legally hold her.

Tony Fish who had the chip shop next door reckoned she had an amazing constitution. Any one who can keep fish and chips down after they had been in the bin outside the chip shop for a couple of weeks had to have a strong stomach he would say. lol.

Didn't know she carried an iron bar around for protection though !

Here's John Trematick's take on the lady ! Click on image to enlarge.

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