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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ordering Stuff off the Net

I'm an inveterate order clicker on Ebay and Amazon. ( so are our customers ) We've ordered a computer box for someone. She's got this mate whose talking about replacing motherboards etc. This is on an 8 year old computer which is very silly.
Hopefully open box, connect Dell computer to mouse, keyboard and net. Off we go with reasonably new technology loaded with a kosher copy of windows 7.

Recently had a silly experience with City Link. The bottom line is we were supposed to wait in for up to 10 hours for item to be delivered. Their nearest base is M56 Warrington. Can we pick it up?Photographic personal evidence required which we haven't currently got.
It was all "no can do"

As opposed to DPD.  Email this morning saying your parcel will be delivered between 9.30 and 10.30 am.

City Link have recently been taken over by a new company. And rightly so !


  1. City Link? dont get me started!
    heard letterbox flap this morning - no, not the postman - a "sorry we missed you" card from these muppets...
    I had been sitting about 4 metres from the front door - they most have knocked with a feather!Trying to get this parcel returned for 2 weeks now....
    thanks for this ranting opportunity - feel better now! Chrissie B.

  2. Hi Chrissie
    They take a photo of the front of your house as well.
    Won't order off people using Citylink anymore.

  3. DPD do as they say. It came when stated.


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