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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Traffic News

1. This morning it seemed that all the bypass traffic was being diverted through the village at rush hour. Perhaps the accident at Dobshill was to blame.
Link: Flintshire Chronicle

2. Someone's taken out ( as in knocked it flat)  a sign at the junction at the top of the village going to Hope.

3. Someone's taken out the sign on Penymynydd roundabout.

4. A lorry ran into the back of a learner car at the junction at Bannel Lane this week. The lorry driver said " Why did you stop? " My friend who is a driving instructor said the driver was learning to drive and stalled the car..............
Not sure why some lorry drivers should have driving licenses.

5. Talking of driving instructors. There used to be one in the village who complained to a councillor about me complaining about speeding. At the time in 2007 there were approx 2000 vehicles a day breaking 30 mph on Chester Rd.

Yes it's you can't make this stuff up !

If you don't believe my figures do an FOI to Flintshire County Council for April/May 2007 Chester Rd traffic data. Then come back and comment.

6. Penyffordd Traffic Calming Consultation ended today.

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  1. 99% of your blog is still a rambling vendetta with only one clear path - speeding.

    Parking with four wheels on the pavement is illegal - as illegal as speeding - we know of someone who does that don't we!

    Speeding is a pain and dangerous, so is parking on pavements, so is the idiotic parking and driving by the Spar.

    You have previously stated it's your views on this blog, as does your current tagline, but your constant slating of people, councillors or not, at the same time running under this blog name and URL, is casting aspersions on the village as a whole.

    These are not the views of the village as this does suggest based on name and URL alone.

    Change the name to "Victor Meldrew's Views On Speeding, And Random Rants" – that would be better, and would stop people who happen by this blog on the off chance - ultimately leaving in the belief that the entire Penyffordd area is filled with people harbouring these such of views!

  2. 99% of your blog is still a rambling vendetta with only one clear path - speeding.

    I think not !

    Perhaps you should start an alternative Penyffordd blog.


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