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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Penyffordd Councillors have a meeting with Charles Hughes

The Double Standards employed by Flintshire County Council over Croes Atti developments and Chester Rd rat run which must be well over 500 vehicles each day.

Charles Hughes is Director of Engineering for Flintshire County Council. I am of the opinion that Flintshire Highways which is part of Engineering have plans for Chester Road to remain a trunk road in all but name. The meeting was held at Cllr David Williams' house.
Cllr Cindy Hinds attended the meeting.

The removal of yellow lines outside the Post Office was discussed. Charles Hughes reels off one of his stock of excuses on why he can't help. This time its "the fire engine will not be able to get through".

The yellow lines were removed outside the chapel what about the fire engine there in Hawarden Rd. What about the Vounog that has no yellow lines. All three roads exactly the same, ex trunk roads.

Chester Rd remains the second by-pass of Penyffordd. I think the word is de facto.

Flintshire County Council do triple back somersaults to get Croes Atti development off the ground when the real fear of rat runs is raised by residents. Chester Rd is a rat run. Charles Hughes currently refuses to do anything about our daily rat run.

Excuse No 1 doesn't hold either. This is the " we have no money left". Kate Forrester of The Evening Leader reported early in the year that FCC has nearly £60 million at its disposal to spend on whatever.

Village environment and safety remains firmly at the bottom of the agenda for Flintshire County Council.

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