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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

The history of the far park / sledgeing field by John Wrench

The field was originally park land with the slope being covered in trees as it was the park for the small county house Meadowslea the last private owner was Mr Almore Frost (spelling possibly wrong) who sold the house with gardens to the council to create the TB hospital he then sold the field with Blackbrook farm to Charles Wrench
In the 1926 miners strike the trees were all felled so the villagers could have the wood to burn to keep there house warm and to cook with
The flat part of the field at the bottom was the first Penyffordd cricket pitch complete with pavilion until the 50s when they moved to Wood Lane and the pavilion moved to Blackbrook farm as a hen house and lasted until the early 2000's
Blackbrook farm was sold after the death of Cora Wrench in the 1970s but two of her sons rented the farm John and Harry and later my farther Stephen. They continued to run the farm as "Wrench Brothers" the farm was known for its pedigree Border Lester sheep and its dairy herd which sadly due to its small scale gave up in 1997 after a fire in 2006 at Blackbrook our landlord later sold the farm house and building with a couple of field but the land on the Vounog Hill is still farmed the the family mainly for summer grassing for our beef herd

Just though I would let you all know the history of this field that has been an asset to to village for many years with sledgeing and pleasant views which may not be here for future generations to enjoy

If anyone has an memory's of the field / farm please share

Sourced: Facebook.


  1. Many thanks to John Wrench for allowing residents to use the field when we have snow.

  2. Also adding this valuable data to our history.


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