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Thursday, March 01, 2018

Our Idiot Politicians

Very cold today wind chill factor  -11c
Not a good day to be homeless.

We continue to let immigrants in for free give them houses and cash
Allow them to set up their own religions and laws

I see there is a possibility of running low on gas, I'm ok I have a wood log burner.....
President Putin has loads of gas, but Theresa keeps trying to wind him up
Reminds me of a fly trying to worry an elephant.

EU policians continue to try bully us

I see Jeremy Corbyn  thinks we only need 1 delivery company for postal services because we only have 1 letter box
This is a man favoured by 10's of millions of people to lead the country.
His ideas will lead us towards the Venezuela situation

Royal Mail charge £13 for over 2 kg, Collect Plus charge £6 by the way

Rant over

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