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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Speeding in the village

North Wales Police were up The Vounog yesterday educating motorists. Down here in Chester Rd we have a speed hump to slow down traffic. Some motorists go full speed over them.
In fact some motorists use the traffic bump as an over taking opportunity when motorists slow down for the bump.

Profiles of the speed bumps can be made more severe at little cost.

Our lolly pop man is currently unwell and last week a young girl had a narrow escape I am told. We had a road traffic accident 2 days ago between a bus and two cars. Nothing to do with the bus driver. There was a rather large bang as the two cars collided.  The give way at the bottom of Penymynydd Rd a dated function not fit for modern roads.

Time for some education in Chester Road.

Time for 20mph zones. Flintshire County Council currently have an allergy to 20 mph zones.
It would be good to see a change of policy.

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