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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Attempted Break In Abbotts Lane Tonight

On Facebook somebody reports that their front door handle was tried to see if it was open. The lights were on, they were in and security light came on.
This is disconcerting.
This individual says it has happened once before.
Another person mentions same scenario, the dogs went mad.

If this stunt is tried at our house they will get 22kg of muscle and teeth with night sight flying at them. He doesn't let go. He will be closely followed by a golfing male wielding a mashie niblick. One's home is one's castle. Most probably against the law but they shouldn't be breaking in.
Too many horror stories in the press. We should have similar laws as US. The right to fire arms and a right to shoot intruders.

Last night a girl on FB said someone tried to set her car on fire which was on her drive.
I know the technique used, it was mentioned in The Daily Post. This was Cae Vounog which must be a new estate.

I hope these people have reported incidents to NWP.

1 comment:

  1. Everyone must post any names or photos asap the problem has started and the route cause of most of it are scum gene bank families coming from out of the area...

    There is a group ready to drive these lot out of the village if their kids do not fall into line..

    Invest in smart cctv systems to protect yourselfs and collect vital evidence as things have changed forever now the new estates are here....


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