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Monday, December 19, 2016

Mass Car Break In's on an Industrial Scale

Loads of cars broke into last night. Locked cars had their systems bypassed. Reported on Facebook.
Some people had left credit cards in their cars.

Quote -  PS 1337 Mavis Evans NWP

Hi residents of Penyffordd/Penymynydd just to keep you the loop when I left work tonight we had received reports of 13 vehicles that had been entered overnight. These cars had been parked at various addresses around Penyffordd and Penymynydd. Some vehicles were left open but some vehicles were locked and they had been entered by means unknown.
We have also had a report from a member of the public who's car wasn't entered. He has cctv and he has checked his camera and a male can be seen on his driveway at 2 am and the male was clearly looking into his car. That male has dropped some items which we have seized for forensic examination.
Some bank cards had also been stolen and have been used, enquiries are being made with banks to get the full locations so that we can get CCTV from the stores in order to catch these badies.
Please can I make an appeal that if you live in the affected areas or in any of the surrounding streets and you have CCTV then this is checked for during the night. I'm guessing that they were around for some time and they were using a car.
There will be extra patrols in the area but if you have any concerns don't hesitate to phone 101 or if you need an immediate response 999


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