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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Your Skate Park Disaster Time Line

Copied verbatim from Penyffordd Council minutes
No recorded discussion about position of skate park mentioned. (postscript yes it is)

Who was on the working party?
Question: Were those who live opposite skate park approached by PCC?

Put before FCC planning Sept 2015. There will be minutes and data on this at FCC
This can be asked for or FOI'd

Cllr David Williams' fingerprints all over this.
postscript: saying that it had to be agreed with by Penyffordd CC and FCC

February Meeting 2016

247. Millstone Playing Field

The Millstone Play Area project has been ongoing for over 18 months with continued discussions with the children of the village.
The Council have obtained three independent quotes which have been accepted by Cory
Environmental Trust and Flintshire County Council. The Working Group have now reviewed and
considered the three quotes and proposed to the Council that Ludus Leisure Limited be instructed for
the first stage of the project; Wheeled Sport Area and Fitness equipment.
The Community Council have been successful in securing a Grant of £50,000 from Cory Environmental
Trust and in their Agreement it states that work on this project must commence no later than the 31st
March 2016, therefore, the Clerk will contact Ludus as a priority .
Cllr Williams brought plans to the table showing Councillors of what work will take place under the first stage.

The Chair expressed the Councils appreciation to Cllr Williams, Pete Griffiths, Geoff Roberts, Mikey
Worrall and Eric Williams for their hard work in cutting back the hedges of the Millstone Play Area.
IT WAS RESOLVED the full Council agree and requested the Clerk to confirm the above in writing to Ludus Leisure Ltd and instruct them to commence with the first stage.

March Meeting 2016

274. Millstone Playing Field

Cllr Williams advised the Council that Ludus have processed our order and the equipment is currently being manufactured.
A site visit with Cllrs Williams, H Jones, Ludus and Cottle Engineering highlighted the need for a larger tarmac area, the additional costs should be offset against the groundworks. They have advised that the groundworks has been slightly delayed due to weather but have ensured the Council it will commence the

2nd or 3rd week in March in accordance with the timescales stated in the Contract from Cory Environmental Trust.
Cllr Williams has also communicated the above with Cory Trust advising that once the work is ready to commence that the Council would like to invite the Press and publicise the project. Cory Trust have expressed an interest in attending.
IT WAS RESOLVED Cllr Williams will liaise with Cory Environmental Trust.

April Meeting 2016

308. Millstone Playing Field
Cllr Williams provided the following report: ‘The groundwork should be commencing on Monday 11th April. I am arranging for a publicity exercise for the week I am back where I will invite the press, Cory Trust, Ludus and youths of the village to get more publicity and have a real drive at raising more funds. We will then be in a position to consider the next phase of preparation for installation of the play equipment.
Following a recent survey by Ludus they have advised the area of hard standing to be delivered is now 25% bigger than our original quotation. Ground conditions have been found to be significantly worse (much softer) in the revised Skate Park location (closer to the hedge/road) than originally experienced. This has affected the scheme total from £54263.00 to £61818.00.
Cllr Hinds advised that there will be a site meeting with Ludus on Friday 11th April at 10.00am.
IT WAS RESOLVED that the Council wish to proceed with the above and Cllrs Hinds and H Jones will attend the site meeting together with Mike Eastwood, Area Co-ordinator.

May meeting 2016
15. Millstone Playing Field
Cllr Williams had requested updated estimates from three suppliers for phase 2 & 3 of the Millstone Play Area project, to date only one had been received which was from HAGS.
Mr McGrath attended a site meeting prior to the meeting to view the area and present proposed plans
with an estimate to the Council. The Council advised Mr McGrath of the current funding available and requested a number of alterations to the estimate.
It was highlighted to the Council by the Clerk that quote for phase 1 and estimates for phase 2 & 3 are exclusive of VAT. The possible VAT cost which could be in the region of £28,000 would obviously exceed the £120,000 budget. The Council would be able to claim the VAT within one month of receiving the invoice.
Cllr Williams raised a number of concerns regarding phase 1 of the project which will be addressed at
a later date.

8th June 2016 Agenda

9. Millstone Playing Field
a) To receive an update from the Playing Field Working Group and to receive design plans and
quotes for the next two phases.
b) To review the budget and available funds to invest into the Millstone Play Area.
c) Review the use of the land for outside businesses.

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