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Friday, June 24, 2016

Skate Park - A Neighbour writes...................

"Well the skate park is finally finished, I was quite pleased when I heard that it was being constructed - good for the kids like mentioned.
It's only been a few hours and it's already driving me around the bend! The park has been made out of cheap and flimsy hollow material which resonates every time the board lands on it. It should be concrete!
It's 11pm now and the noise is clearly audible in my house, like someone hammering outside my window - I have to be up at 5am for work too. Awesome. Great work Penyffordd Council, why wasn't a good quality one specced? At least make it out of stronger material and fill the hollow gap inside to ramps with sound deadening!
i'll be putting in a complaint to Flintshire council about the noise, it's too much."

This comment sent to Penyffordd Community Council Clerk Sarah.

Sarah will have a copy of your concerns which she will put before the community council.
We have two representatives for Flintshire County Council. I'd recommend communicating with them first. They should be your first port of call. ( also Community Council )
County Cllr Cindy Hinds
County Cllr David Williams
Clerk Sarah Hughes

Then you have your MP Mark Tami or AM Carl Sargeant

 If nothing is done, you can try The Leader, Flintshire Chronicle or Daily Post.

I don't know nought about skateparks but I notice Hope have had modifications to their's recently.
Perhaps worth a visit to see how noisy it is.

Skate Park Noise Mitigation


  1. I've got to agree, the noise is comparable to a truck going over the speed bumps too quickly, but multiple times every minute. I'm not surprised it's annoying for people local to the park.

  2. My first post was poorly written sorry, i was frustrated at being kept awake with the prospect of an early morning ahead, my post was rushed.
    It's worth mentioning that i'm not the stereotypical complainer who moans about every small thing that disturbs the peace. I'm a young professional - only a few years back i'd be biting at the bit to jump on these ramps myself. I'm all for younger people having fun things to do, and i'd prefer a skate park to be there that not. The noise from people enjoying themselves is fine. It's good for the community.
    I made the comment that the skate park was 'flimsy', i guess this isn't the case, it is fit for purpose but it is definitely not fit for location. Sheet metal on a frame is always going to resonate noise, especially with it being hollow inside. The community council have let the local residents down here, instead of going for the cheap option they should've done a little bit more research into the options, it should be a dense material like concrete - ok this is more pricey, but nevertheless, do it once do it right.
    The noise from the park is a jolting bang, today is has been none stop - banging pretty much every 10seconds. The other poster makes the perfect analogy - it is exactly like the noise from a truck going too quickly over the speed bumps, but louder.
    I'm 110m from the park with objects in the way so i'm hardly on top of it either, there are plenty of residents closer.
    Thanks for your comments Colin

  3. Hi
    I could see your frustration
    I used to have 2000 cars a day doing plus 30mph past my house in Chester Rd.
    The noise drove me insane I used to live in the back of the house
    I fought the council for 7 years, it is however best to have them on your side.
    Yes they have let you and other people opposite the skate park down.
    I've been past the Hope skatepark today, from a distance it seems that the area underneath has been filled in with earth.
    Notice how far away it is from houses.
    I agree with you that the council have let you down.
    I don't think any councillor would agree to have outside their houses what you have to put up with. One thought is that it will devalue the price of your house and others. It's sited in the wrong place with wrong materials. The council need to make good.
    Perhaps best to give them the opportunity whatever the blow to their collective ego's.

  4. Further thinking in the bath........
    Trying to stop looking at Brexit stupidities...
    You need to make an official complaint to the community council through Sarah the clerk, copies to Cindy and David. My passing your blog comment to the council can be fobbed off with a "contents noted" excuse, your complaint can't. Would be a good idea to get as many names as possible by those affected on your complaint. Items of complaint, noise nuisance, position of skate park, loss of ammenity ie. you can't sit in your front garden, you have to keep windows closed.
    The council usually meet once a month excluding August. You need to get complaint to Sarah at least 3 working days before the next meeting for it to be heard. Saturday and Sunday do not count. Their meetings are on their website that can be got at via mine.
    If things don't go according to plan you can get FCC to record noise levels, Cindy and David will advise

  5. Further the email addresses of most councillors are here just scroll down. Perhaps a good idea to petition each cllr before the meeting. I prefer emails but you may wish to ring them all give them all earache. Get other affected residents to do similar The proposal will have been passed by all of them unless stated in the minutes which I will have a look at.
    You can put on here the various responses by councillors, put them in the spot light, we have elections next year :)

  6. Planning application was put in last September. A working group was formed. Who was on the Working Group? That is apart from main architect of this disaster Cllr David Williams. See comment below.

  7. Thanks Colin,
    I appreciate all the effort you've put in to find the facts. I will certainly put in an official complaint and speak to my neighbours too. The noise is still ongoing, even as i write. I'm having to keep my windows and doors shut, which has very little effect, i've had my sleep affected 3 out of the past 4 nights too due to the park being used late. I'm not a happy bunny.

  8. Lets hope sense can be seen. I've had an email from Clerk Sarah saying she will put forward my email about your concerns to the community council. The blog is read by Penyffordd Cllrs most of them will know the situation you are in. Wouldn't mind feedback in the comments section when appropriate.


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