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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

How to get rid of your Community Council for beginners

Personally wouldn't dream of such a thing, might have done in the past.
A non starter here anyway.
I presume town and village councils are treated fairly similar under current legislation.

Here's the way you might go about it.


  1. Another alternative is to talk with Leighton Andrews who seems determined to amalgamate local community councils. The danger is he will have a bit more time on his hands after Thursday Night when the chickens were brought home to roost and he lost his seat on the Welsh Assembly. could well be a lash back of what he was proposing to do with community councils and County Councils.

  2. Hi David, I thought that joining county councils was on the agenda, ie. Wrexham BC and Flintshire CC but didn't realise this extended to community councils. Yes, perhaps best he lost his seat. I wasn't keen to amalgamate with Wrexham, I'm happy with the current arrangement.


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