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Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Mountain

Not much happening Penyffordd. There has been a series on ITV about Snowdon.
Links to the series are here.


  1. I have enjoyed this series about Snowdon very much,and learned a lot.

  2. I once took Lisa up Snowdon on a surprise day out. Went up in tee shirts, running shoes etc. No protection for foul weather. (us type are in the Daily post every week) Near the top I had to coax here to continue as it was getting steep. You get to the top and find loads of people have come up on the train.............

    1. Yes. I've heard of people attempting to climb up there dressed as if they were going to the beach. Never been up there myself, but my two sons, daughter and son-in -law do it a couple of times a year.They have taken some fantastic photos up there especially in the winter.

    2. Yes that's us. You get a free mention in the Daily Post if the rescue team have to come out. Tryfan is a popular mountain to get stuck or lost on. Mobile phones make it a lot easier to be found. Here's the routes. Not quite sure about the cafe on top, looks an eyesore.

  3. Even today which is a little grim the A55 has been grid locked at Queensferry.


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