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Friday, March 13, 2015

Flintshire County Council are hard up so we are going to have to pay more

If you look at your council tax rate schedule for the coming year you will notice the Penyffordd Community Council precept has increased by over 23%.

This sounds an awful lot. Someone I know is raising unnecessary blood pressure because of it.

Haven't got the sheet in front of me but it's about £25 for us in Band C. ( 50p a week)

Flintshire County Council and I suppose all other councils in UK are looking to make major savings
due to the greed of the banksters circa 2008.
This hangover will run for years.

Over the next 12 months organisations within the village will have the chance to take over community assets. Also Xmas street decorations, street lighting, playing areas will be transferred from county to village.

Hard times ahead unless villagers are willing to pay.

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