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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Parking News and Quiz

Flintshire County Council have now taken over responsibility for proper parking. So if you park on yellows and paths you had better watch out. Someone in Hawarden has been sorted. FCC have the usual system where you pay a reduced fine if you pay quickly.

The "someone" in Hawarden however is not happy. His defence of " I've always parked there!" will not stand as a good defence when he contests it at the magistrates court.


The above yellow line sequence is in Llangollen. Do you know what it means?


  1. The "someone" by the way is not me. I'm not that daft. I have however been caught out with the Llangollen yellow lines delivering heavy equipment.

  2. Am I right in thinking its for loading restrictions, ie. dangerous at any time?

  3. Yes, no stopping, no loading. You can "in theory" park on double yellow lines to unload but not with the above markings.

  4. The noise from the A55 is particularly loud and stressful. The noise was not half as bad before FCC cut the trees down along the edge og the carriageway. Useless Councillors make promises but sit on their hands. You could say, sell up and move but in reality, who is going to buy your house?


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