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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What's happening to Penyffordd Community Council website?

I still can't see any minutes just Latin infill.
Is this an example of how Penyffordd Community Council is run?

The minutes and agenda must be created in digital format.
Or are they still done on a typewriter?

It's many months now councillors still no minutes or agendas

£400 spent and all we have are some silly fir trees.

Some big foot dragging going on here.

In an hour I could put up a site with minutes and agendas for free, with no running costs.
It would be easy to maintain by councillors too.

You are looking very silly councillors.


  1. A quick look at any of our surrounding neighbours, Rhydymwyn, Trueddyn, Hope, all have excellent websites, puts ours to shame!

  2. Yes I'm afraid I have to agree. Halkyn have a comprehensive site as well. Higher Kinnerton have a site.
    This has been dragging on for months and months. Has cost rate payers £400 for nothing of substance. The front page design ( fir trees) amateurish for the money paid. The previous attempt had a better background.

  3. Dinosaurs.....according to their own rules...items for the agenda have to be in one week before the meeting. In practice...the clerk likes things in early of his own deadline! Shambolic!

  4. You need to be on the community council colin

  5. I've tried twice John. The electorate strange here they prefer zombies to living people.
    A zombie I mean in this context, a person who has no use whatsoever to the community. Cllr Tom Jones knows to who I refer.
    Still I suppose that's politics. Hang on to the death, bugger the village up.
    Won't be standing again. The CCTV targeted at my house sorted me.
    There are devious people around.

  6. I am told Scribe Nigel has a new secretary. One presumes she has internet and a computer as opposed to a typewriter, letters, stamps and envelopes. Community Council Business at the speed of light?


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