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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Penyffordd Community Council Meeting June 2012

at 6.30pm start . All are welcome to attend. Flintshire Highways officers will be at the meeting to discuss village traffic management.
WRONG!  Highway officials will be at a meeting on 20th June at 6 pm. My mistake. Tx to the person who emailed me pointing this out )

It is hoped that councillors see the benefits of traffic calming to Penyffordd environment. The village being a major short cut for traffic inc HGV between trunk roads to the north and south of the village.

It is hoped our elder statesman ( a school governor) who lives in a cul de sac can be persuaded as to the safety benefits of having a traffic calmed village.

Gosafe are here yet again tonight ( 7 pm )

There will be a public meeting following the community council meeting on the 25th June so that members of the public can raise concerns for and against.

Higher Kinnerton are currently having traffic calming installed.

I am of the opinion that a third of Chester Rd traffic is through traffic.

In 2007 Chester Rd traffic levels were 2800 vehicles a day. A third of that is nearly a 1000. Since then A55 Warren Bank has been constructed making the village a lot more attractive as a short cut many of whom are commercial.

This last month has seen HGV coming through the village at about 60 a day at times.

Chester Rd and other Penyffordd roads have the wires down to measure traffic volume, speed, etc.
This will be the eighth traffic measurement of Chester Rd since 2007.

Today Chester Rd has been the subject to a traffic survey outside the Penyffordd Post Office by a company acting for Flintshire Highways?

They started at 7.00 am and were here all day.

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