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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Cllr Linda Vidamour Community Councillor for Penyffordd

An Independent Councillor for Penyffordd. May we get more like Linda next May. Political flavour of no concern. Linda has pushed for a village newsletter. Lets hope it develops to something online. Lets have an inclusive democracy for the village. Not some top secret meeting once a month to which most people are oblivious. An email address for Penyffordd Community Council would be good.


  1. Top secret meetings? What are those then?

  2. Poorly advertised I think would be a better phrase.

  3. Do you really think so? The meetings are held at the same time every month in the same venue. The minutes of meetings are available at the Post Office which also includes the date of the next meeting. Oh Colin, I do wish you would refrain from using provocative language - 'poorly advertised' is not the same as 'top secret' now is it? If you want to be taken seriously then then be serious (and factual) about what you say - just a lttle friendly advice! Maybe you should edit this blog then! T.C.

  4. For the record. The last three community committee meetings the minutes have not been in The Post Office prior to the meetings. The Community notice board has been a disgrace. It is now as it should be.
    To show how poor communications are in the village I mention the following. Someone asked in the Post Office for David Williams' telephone number. No one in The Post Office could point to it. I currently await a copy of a communication between Cllr David Williams and Dave Faulkner of FCC with regards speeding in Chester Rd. I am not holding my breath.
    Meanwhile the speeding rat run continues.......A village centre ruined.


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