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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Spectacular walk in Hope. Sand Quarry


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Been around the lake today. Things a bit muddled at the moment. We parked in a layby on Mold Wrexham Bypass road. Its part of the old road. Took footpath on left of houses, then spent 30 mins walking over fields. Footpath to the right of houses takes you to the main entrance which is better than walking along paths on side of road with car and lorries coming past at 40mph

Did some exploring in the car after. On Stryt Isa there is a footpath between 2 houses that leads to a path over the railway line. It can be seen from the road. A few parking places. This seems best for us.

At the main entrance the route includes a walk through the River Alyn...... We had walking shoes on.
This is to get to the lake. The big issue throughout the walk is the River Alyn, it blocks you off from the lake.

Meadows on left of lake may have cows / calves in them. Due to past experiences with our dogs we avoid fields with said animals in.

I'm sure it will improve. Not a bad idea to have the Park in the Past link above on your phone.

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