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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Penyffordd Historic Map

Click on image to enlarge. This was Penyffordd in the 1800's.

Terrace lane was called Blackbrook Lane

There was a row of terraced houses at the start of Terrace lane where a single house now stands.

Penyffordd Train Station ( middle of village) was called Hope Station

Rhos Rd was called Rhos Y Brwyner

The Royal Oak pub was near Vaughan's Butchers.

There's a brick works off  Blackbrook Lane, now called Terrace lane

The Red Lion and Millstone are on the map

Current Penyffordd Train Station was called Hope Junction

Hope Oil Works was down the line from Penyffordd Train Station (middle of village)
Oil was extracted from coal there were various factories, including one in Padeswood.
The environment in this area must have been awful, sulphorus fumes, smoke, etc
This all came to an abrupt stop in the late 1800's when the Americans started pulling oil out the ground on an industrial scale.

1 comment:

  1. Why change a road name from Blackbrook Lane to Terrace Lane?
    Can't blame cllrs can we? Not sure there were any in the mid 1800's. Perhaps we just had a village leader like Tom?
    Coming up Penymynydd Historic Map.


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