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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Parking in restricted areas

When Flintshire CC first took over policing of parking last year there was an initial flurry of fines for parking on yellow's in Penyffordd. Just to remind, traffic policing is still active. One old lady opposite Hope doctors was seen clutching a parking ticket. They are taking no prisoners.


  1. The parking in the Alyn Drive / Berwyn Avenue area is awful. Why don't residents use their driveways? Why don't the police do something? What will happen if there is ever a fire, the engine will never get past the vehicles. Sort it out - the village doesn't start at Spar and end at Watts Road!!!!

  2. Parking in most cases is no longer a NWP matter. It has been handed to FCC who as mentioned are active. Cllrs Cindy Hinds and David Williams are our representatives. Contact them to be put on the schedule. No one local to where I live parks on yellow lines, at least two people have been booked. The record for someone blocking my gate and exit, parking on the path, double yellow lines, is 15 hours. Had to get NWP to get owner to move it.


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