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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

To Aberdaron

Not much happening on the Penyffordd front.

I'm 60 today. Should be feeling ok but I am not. Might have age related asthma or something worse..... Used to do a marathon in 3hrs 25. Now can't run 30 yds.
Anyway its to the doctors.
Not the one in Penyffordd. ( councillor joke)

Lifestyle changes have been made. Diuretics have been cut down.
That's alcohol, coffee, tea, caffeine drinks to you.
Earl Grey remains on board.

Water consumption has been increased. Filtered water that does not taste of chlorine such as that out of the tap.

Sugar is kept an eye on, dont usually touch confectionery.

Done the internet bit. Asthma, bronchitis, COPD, the big c, or perhaps an allergy to the dog, take your pick ! I see the Lung Foundation doesn't do "alternative therapy". They do however offer new lungs as one of the solutions when available.

I've had TB and Pleurisy. Pleurisy is bad.

Do milk growth hormones cause cancer? Just a  thought.

Milk has been cut down.

( Apparently the EU have banned the growth hormone.)


Today we have been to Aberdaron on an impulse. Good weather, few holidaymakers, early in the season, no school children around, not the weekend.

Lisa informs me we have been to Bardsey Island (around the corner) on three one week yoga retreats.

Bardsey was once a place of pilgrimage. Not sure now they managed, its far enough along the A55.
Went 1000hrs back 1600hrs in time for tea.

Aberdaron village a sunny paradise, friendly people.
Talked to a pleasant couple from Solihull.


Here's where Lisa's mobile has been, us too

Lots of infrastructure investment happening in Gwynedd. New walls, cycle paths like billiard tables, roads a pleasure to drive on. 

As compared to The Nant at Pontblyddyn that looks decidedly third world. I'm sure CT constantly badgers the council. Perhaps the Flintshire Head of Traffic and councillors (inc Big Bernie) should take a drive between Caernarvon and Nefyn. 
Quite an eye opener.


  1. Update
    I've been to my Penyffordd doctor in Buckley today.
    So far nothing out of order.
    Must be one of the supplements I take, Perhaps Lugol's Oil lol
    Anyway its the full hit.
    Xrays, ECG and blood test in three different places.

  2. Forgot!
    I'm on a proton pump inhibitor courtesy of Penyffordd Pharmacy.


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