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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Parking News

Apparently someone has been handed a parking fine for parking outside my house on double yellows yesterday at 3pm.

Late last year Flintshire County Council took over responsibility for illegal parking from North Wales Police.

I think we will see more parking fines in the village. Pity I cant get people booked who block my gate.

Sorry to dissappoint the minority, the parking fine wasn't for me.

I've been through two speed radar traps in Pantymwyn last week on the same day.....

Wrexham Borough is also a major test to keep to all speed limits


  1. Apparently it was thought perhaps it was I who had reported the double yellow parking. Drivers have parked outside my house for 30 years. We used to have a neighbour who had loads of mates who blocked my gate. They were all planks!
    Still think I should have the right to clamp and get the police out for blocking.

  2. It happens everywhere, not just in front of your gate. You could be the village clamper! I'll pay towards your wage.


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